CosTalk: Saffron (Hong Kong)


Saffron is a cosplayer from Hong Kong who has done various shoots with Yui. I became a fan of hers when I saw her Psycho-Pass and Kuroko no Basuke photoshoot with Yui and I just fell in love with her. She pulls off the male characters extremely well and I love the way she styles her make-up (She’s also got a pretty hot body 😛 ). I’ve been a fan of hers for around a year now and every time her cosplays just blow me away! Aah, she is my idol! ❤

Anyway, onto the interview!

1. What are some of your favourite cosplayers?
Japan’s Reika-san

2. Are there any specific characters you like to cosplay?
Basically, for any cosplay I do it must be a character I like.

3.What is the scariest/weirdest thing a fan has done to you?
Being smacked in the bum by a female who I didn’t know and only had met for the first time.

4. Are there any countries you would like to visit and meet fans in? (Australia?)
Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Australia or another countries in European Union and North American area

5. What are you scared of? 😀
I’m very scared of the centipede. They are so disgusting!! X_X

I was so happy to hear that Reika was one her idols as Reika is also one of my biggest idols as well! True, everyone in the cosplay community would know of Reika but it was still a delight to be able to talk with a cosplayer that I admire on something we had in common. 🙂

As usual, I was ecstatic to get a reply from Saffron. Hope to meet her in real life someday! (Without the bum-slapping of course 😉 )

To follow:

World Cosplay:
Personal Blog:

Until next time!

CosTalk: YUI (Hong Kong)


Yui as Orihaya Izaya (Durarara)

Recently, I had the pleasure of having a mini-interview with Yui and MY GOD, it was THE BEST feeling ever!! I mean, to get a reply from someone you have been idolising for so long is just amazing!!

Enough of that! Let’s get to the interview. 🙂

1. What are some of your favourite cosplayers?
There’s too many! From Japan I like Reika, Kaname, SoratoSuguru, JUN, Singi.

2. Are there any specific characters you like to cosplay?
Izaya! It’s a character I’ve done the most cosplays  on. His story and personality is very different , so there are a long of things I want to shoot. I also like  Studio Ghibli productions.

3. What is the scariest/weirdest thing a fan has done to you?
I’m quite scared of physical contact; I would feel very uneasy. Another would be message / SMS harassment.

4. Are there any countries you would like to visit and meet fans in? (Australia? )
There are too many places I want to go! If I get the chance, I would like to meet and talk with cosplayers in each of the countries I visit. >///< (However, my english is not good >< So for now, I think I would go to the Asian countries.)

5. What are you scared of?

It was such a pleasure to talk to Yui. She is such a nice girl! Just don’t glomp her when you see her guys. 😉

To anyone who wants to stalk her:


很謝謝你Yui!! (^^)


Summer Anime Chart 2013


My Gosh! It’s already that time of the month again! Here I am releasing another chart for the next season’s shows when I have barely watched Spring’s shows! Time sure does fly.

Apologies for the lack of posts everyone! Its been a month into uni holidays and, gotta say, I have never loved holidays more than this. Uni was much more hectic than I had thought. Although the course only required 9 contact hours, it was the work and stress and the never-ending flow of assignments that made it feel much more tiresome than it actually is.

With it being summer in the rest of the world, winter here in Australia is horrible as always. The one week of continuous torrential rain didn’t help either but, as they say, every cloud has a silver lining. 😉 It recently has finally started to warm up and my crappy mood has lifted as well thanks to the sun. . Aaah never thought I’d miss tanning under UV rays.

On to the chart! Going from first impressions, there are more shows I’m interested in than I had originally thought. Spring is usually my go-to season for awesome anime but Summer this year’s looking not too shabby.

There’s the usual shoujo and slice of life:

–> Servant x Service

–> Uchouten Kaizoku

–> Gin no Saji: Silver Spoon

–> Brothers Conflict

–> Kitakubu Katsudou Kiroku

Then the Supernaturals and Action:

–> Blood Lad

–> Gatchaman Crowds

And of course the fujoshi bait:

–> FREE!

I’m also looking forward to the ‘Hal’ OVA. Thought I’m not sure what it will be about since the manga has only released around 4 chapters….and not much has happened either. A prequel to a potential anime?

Talkiing about manga turned anime, ‘Sukitte Ii Na Yo’ OAD is another episode I’ll be looking forward to. The anime was a favourite of mine and, compared to other shoujo series, it had a much more realistic plot making it more relatable.

Hmm, that’s it for now. Of course, some series will be dropped along the way as first impressions don’t always hold. But that’s the way it is. Hope you are all ready for a new season.

Will see you soon!

Spring 2013 Anime Chart


Long time no post! Just been settling into uni and coming to terms as to how to deal with all those essays and assignments. Our house is also being renovated at the moment so everything’s been a bit crazy. I guess not having any inspiration would be another reason. haha!

Well, this is the chart for Spring 2013! Gosh, I feel so weird saying that every season, since everything is reverse here in Australia. Despite the gradual change into autumn, the sun just continues to beam down and burn me just as intensely anyway so…yeh, wont be feeling the cold anytime soon.

Anyway! Enough about that, onto the chart…


Credits to for their awesome lists every season

Now the one show that I was really looking forward to, KUROKO NO BASUKE S2, is not on here!!! Well, I’m guessing it’s still in its ‘incomplete’ stage. Nonetheless it’s still  pretty thorough list.

Spring’s usually the most exciting season for me because, for some reason, all the good series just seem to get released in spring! Or…maybe that just my opinion.

I haven’t actually looked at the list thoroughly yet since there are just so many! But going on art, plot and past experience:

–> Detective Conan Movie (always a winner)

–> Hanasaku Iroha Movie

–> Aku no Hana

–> Devil Survivor 2

–> Arata Kangatari

–> Aiura

–> Suisei no Gargantia

–> Uta Puri 2000%

–> Red Data Girl

As for the OVAs, that’ll have to be another day.

Hope you guys have a lot of shows you’re looking forward to as well!

Well then, good nighties~

Cosplayer Hotspot: REIKA


Reika as Jinguji Ren (Uta no Prince-sama 1000%)

Country: Japan

Gender: Female

Cosplay Profile:

With the ability to make girls swoon with her handsome cosplays, Reika is my idol and whom I aspire to be as a future cosplayer. I started to read up on her when she was to be a guest at AFA 2012 and her cosplay of Jinguji Ren really impressed me. Now, as a hardcore fan I squeal, sigh and like every photo she releases on her profile. Reika does mostly male characters, her most recent one being Natsume Takashi from Natsume Yuujinchou.


Reika as Natsume Takashi (Natsume Yuujinchou)

One thing that I like about her cosplays is her make-up. She doesn’t go overboard with the eye make-up which some cosplayers do. It sometimes results in a really girly guy and just looks like the cosplayer has put on make-up that suits their tastes rather than the image of the character. Of course there nothing wrong with that, just that preferably, I like cosplayers who try to look as much alike as the character. Reika’s incredible attention to detail in all of her costumes as well as her ability to capture the personality and attitude of the character is something which I admire as well. The way she styles her hair is a winner for me! Every time! 😀

I first unknowingly came across her photo on Google Images when I was searching from Miketsukami Soushi (Inu x Boku SS) cosplays and I found a photo which I thought was the perfect portrayal of Miketsukami. From then on, I decided to use that image as a reference for the hair and make-up. Imagine the surprise when I found this photo on Reika’s profile! I was ecstatic to find the cosplayer which had won over my heart. With a photo count of 400 and ranked constantly in the top 5 on WorldCosplay, she is my greatest idol and mentor.

Miketsukami Soushi by Reika

Miketsukami Soushi

On that note, I shall leave you guys to be blown away at the perfectionism by Reika for the next 10 mins.

Disclaimer: These photos are all taken from and all credits go to the photographers and those involved in the process of these shoots.

Winter Anime 2012/2013


Courtesy of neregate

The latest chart for this season’s anime. Honestly, living on the other side of the world really confuses the anime seasons.

From the looks of it, there are quite a few interesting series.

Some to consider:

– Savanna Game

– Ore no Kanojo to Osananajimi ga Shuraba Sugiru

– Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT

– Hetalia

– Chihayafuru

– Cuticle Detective Inaba

– Tamako Market (K-ON fangirl here)

– Amnesia


Though a few episodes in and I’m sure I’ll be dropping a few series. Haha!
So what will you guys be watching?



Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!! Welcome 2013~


I realize that the festive season has already passed and everyone has gone about their daily lives again, but I would still like to write this post to celebrate this special time of the year. After, all, it’s not everyday we get to kick back, party and chug down food like there’s no tomorrow.

For me, 2012 has certainly been a turning point in my young life commemorating the end of my high school days. (Thank G0d!) As much as people say ‘high school will be the best days you ever had’, I’ll never believe that until I’ve entered uni. For me, I’m extremely looking forward to it as it steers away from textbook rote learning and doesn’t encourage you to learn things just form the sake of marks. It’ll be a chance for me to pursue my passions, meet new people, be different and not be questioned for it. Not to mention the freedom!! 😄 Personally, I think ‘university will be days the best you ever had’. 🙂

With the high school chapter officially coming to a close, my array of passion from cosplay to kendo may finally be wholeheartedly pursued without the troubles of parents nagging you to do my maths or skipping training to fit a few more practice test into your schedule. I’ll actually be able to live my life which is exciting considering all the paths I’ll be able to choose from. After all, life isn’t a textbook.

Throughout the last 2 months of sweet freedom, fangirling has been at an all time high, with my phone bill, internet usage being taken to the next level. Exercise is becoming a distant dream while food become your new best friend. I have blown over approximately 10 anime series and movies, become a fan of 10 cosplayers on and spent almost $2000. It’s heaven and hell at the same time.

As much as I would’ve like to hole myself up in my room forever and drool over hot 2D boys, the real world and a thinning wallet calls for some heartbreaking sacrifices. Jobless and told that the hiring season isn’t until another month, it has become a standstill with me becoming a temporary NEET. The recent release of our high school marks testing our abilities to regurgitate textbooks drags me back to reality forcing me to consider what my career will be at the age of 18. Reality hurts. And they wonder why I love anime and cosplay so much…

Nevertheless, Happy New Year to everyone!! As my friend said:

May this year bring many opportunities your way, may all your efforts turn into great achievements and may all your troubles last as long as your New Year’s resolutions!~