Bleach · New Year · Special Days

Hello world!

hello world!!

My name’s Yvoon and in this blog, I’m mainly going to be posting about my interests (duuhhhh….). Haha, well, since I’m still in high school I’ll also be posting about how tough it is in Yr 11 and 12 and constantly complaining about nothing….yeh.

Well, I’ll be mostly hoping to be post about anime since i LOVE it to to death and am a total freak just like any crazy fangirl out there XD. Since my interests also lie in a bit of photography, there occasionally might be a couple of pictures of…anything really. haha!!

Just to start it of, i would like to wish all those out there a Happy New Year. It is a new year full of new beginnings and opportunities so make the most out of them!!

Credits to Kyokai of METANORN for the awesome photo

Well, for now i shall sign off! jya ne~


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