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New Look :)

Many may not notice this as i have just started out, but i have already changed my blog appearance numerous times. haha! I can be a bit indecisive at time. When i go shopping for food or anything with my friends, they’re always getting pissed at me for not being to decide on a product quickly. lol!!

Well, i am quite proud of how my current blog look right now if i should say so myself. 🙂

1st Opening – Uragiri no Yuuyake by Theatre Brook

2nd Opening – Complication by Rookies is Punk’d

The most AWESOME AND EPIC thing I’ve ever seen in anime XD

I was just listening to these song. Didn’t realize i was until it got to the chorus. Its from an anime called Durarara!!. It’s my header image. 🙂

I think that Durarara!! is one of those packed full of epicness action/romance/supernatural anime series which i would definitely recommend. From headless fairies to bartenders who can wield street signs like a branch off a tree, this anime is definitely a must see series!! i love it!! ❤ Cant wait for season 2! XD


One thought on “New Look :)

  1. Awesome new layout!
    YES! Another person who is as indecisive as me! Whenever I have to choose between two products of the same quality overall, I have to stare at it for five minutes before I can make the decision.

    Durarara! love! I just started watching it a few days ago, and Izaya stepping on the cellphone is indeed the most epic display of evil and villainy in the history of anime I’ve watched xD

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