My New Idol! (from the real world :P)

Last night, my sister was showing me a video of this chick who was a choreographer/dancer. Her name’s Rino Nakasone (yes, she’s Japanese) and she’s the choreographer for SHINee and Girls Generation and a lot of other popular bands/singers. i saw her videos and i went WOAH!!! SHE IS SOO GOOD!!! WTH?!?!?!

she was so energetic and even though it was same dance she was doing to a SHINee song, it just looked so much BETTER!! really!! It made ShiNee look really unenergetic….she was kickass man!!

She was also the choreographer of “Genie” by Girls Generation. man was good when she dance it!!! omg…it looked soooo good!!!! ><

Just a random facts about her: she was born in 1979 in Okinawa; so yeh, she pretty old now.

Check it out if u don’t believe me! Seriously!

Rino – Genie Dance

Rino – Replay (ShiNee) She’s the chick in the middle with the black singlet

Now compare…

and just for the fun..:P [SHINee – Lucifer Dance Ver.]

And did u know?  SHE WAS A HARAJUKU GIRL!! she was one of those back-up chicks for Gwen Stefani. ok…have to check old Gwen Stefani pics…

if i could dance like her i would be  so happy. ALL RIGHT!! I’M GONNA TAKE HIP HOP CLASSES!!

Well anyway, enjoy now!


3 thoughts on “My New Idol! (from the real world :P)

  1. The last 2 vids doesn’t work~ 😮
    Ahh I love watching people dance! they were able to hold their posture really well, I used to be a hiphop dancer myself so I know how hard it can be XD

    P.S I love your durarara banner! I’m definitely going to add you on my blogroll! ❤

    1. lol! yeh, they are really cool.
      i especially like the ‘Lucifer’ song! 😀
      the chicks the one that did the dance. XD
      i think I’ve got a girl crush on her…-_-“…..*awkward silence..*

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