Not just your Average Aniblog

This post is mostly brought to you by one of Bananamuffins’ posts which gave me this idea. Can’t thank you enough Ruby!! To understand, check out her blog out here. Its an awesome blog!

Credit to Kyokai (thanks for your hard work!)

The reason why I wrote this post was because I thought I must at least give a mention to the full-of-awesomeness-and-epicness blog run by the best anibloggers you’ll ever come across with the most coolest and envious rooms and aniblogging environments any anime fan could wish for.

The Metanorn aniblog group consists of 13 writers; the Awesome Kyokai-Sama (KYAAAA!!!! KYOKAI-SAMA~ XD) as the head, and the 3 guys Foshizzel, Sassy and Hato and 5 girls Overcooled, Hime, Hoshi, Ness and Captain. The mastermind to keeping this site in shape is their webmaster Will. Three other members who are on break right now are Flags, Masu and Ryuuko.

Made By Kyokai, Credits to Metanorn for the map

The site is updated daily and is constantly active with readers from all around the world. Their posts are mainly focused on anime episodes reviewed the day it airs and their posts’ humour and detail cannot be compared to any other. Occasionally they will be drama or manga reviews as well as birthday mentions of the members. At the end of each year, best game reviews of each month and best anime awards are also held, nominated by fans of the Metanorn Group.

The original founder were Kanzie and Tsui, but i wasn’t around then, so I don’t know much about them.

Another amazing thing is the team’s (or more Kyokai’s and Will’s I think) amazing skill at making the banners. Everytime I go on the site, I always look forward to seeing what banner pops up. That alone could keep me returning several times a day! 😀

The chat box is another handy feature created by Will which allows many of us to communicate freely and with all sorts of people.

Overall, its the best blog out there that one could ask for if u wanted reviews on the latest anime and it has the friendliest group of writers you would ever find. As for me, I feel like at home already! They are just so nice! XD I’ve already made several friends through this blog as well! 🙂

Metanorn is truly a blog which is worth checking out. 😀

Another similar version made by Ruby from BananaMuffins Blog

To see their blog, click here.


4 thoughts on “Not just your Average Aniblog

    1. kyaaaa!!
      thank you so much!!

      i really think METANORN is a really REALLY cool blog! otherwise i wouldn’t have spent forever writing this blog almost 2 hours actually…

      well, keep in touch! XD

  1. This was such a cool idea! I agree with everything you said =) With Kyo being the new boss and all it’s really nice to see how she tries to include the writers by doing a lot of tag team and such xD you don’t see that often in the blogosphere~

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