Special Days

Happy Valentines Day!!

Happy Valentines Day everyone!

yeh, its been a while since i’ve written. Blame school. I know that its a very cliche excuse, but its true!!

so much has been happening and in the first week, we are expected to finish almost the whole of Chapter 1 for maths!! WTH!!!!

is this how yr 11 and yr 12 gonna feel like?!?!?!

i’m not even up to date yet, and its been 3 weeks in!!!

oh god…

Anyway. To the good news!! This will be a special Valentines post for….ANIME!!! yes, of course!

Happy Valentines to all my Fav couples Sawahaya, CeltyxShinra, Amuto just to name a few. i’ll be having my 50th birthday if i list all of them. and of course, the list will always continue to grow and i watch more anime (when i have free time).

i hope to do a proper post soon taking my time without having to constantly worrying about unstarted assignments due the next day.

Sorry Metanorn!! the image just captured my heart

See ya round people! and Happy Valentines Day, Anime!!


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