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My New Found Obssession (Thanks to Tofu…)

can u guess?? YES, it K-ON!! OMG!! i’M in LOOVE~. i must admit that at first it was a bit nyuh..for me, but as soon as i started, i was hooked from the very beginning. i dont usually watch slice of life anime since its just so random and by the end of it i sometimes come out of it going…ok…

but yeh, this one was amazing!!

Basically, K-ON is about this club called the keion-club or the ‘light music club’. Since the seniors had all left it was about to be disbanded until Ritsu and her childhood friend Mio decided to join in order to save the club reach their dream of playing in a band. Slowly but surely, members are forrced join the club and Voila~ your ultimate K-ON band is created. The group moves through many hardships and delicious cakes to  reach their goal of being professionals.

The band consists of Ritsu the drummer, Mio the bassist, Yui the guitarist and Tsugumi the one on the keyboard.


Don’t Say ‘Lazy’!

the other character in Azuna, or Azunyan~ she is a new recruit later in the show



My favourite would really have to be Mio!! (kyaa, Mio~ <3). she’s the sensible and non air-headed one in the group who can be a bit shy sometimes. Mio is also a huge scaredy cat. so cuute~ Oh!! and here’s a bonus: SHE’S LEFT-HANDED!! LIKE ME!! oh i’m so happy!!

K-on has inspired me a lot! to the point where i want to play the guitar!! of course and left-handed one. 😛

maybe i will once i finish high school…too much stuff to do i dont even play the piano as often as i used to anymore *cry* (i’m sorry, Piano!)

well, until next time!


9 thoughts on “My New Found Obssession (Thanks to Tofu…)

  1. ARH!!!!! K-ON!!!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

    And and and…. MIO!!!!! ❤ ❤ <# *fan boy mode*



    I'm glad you finally got to watching K-ON, see how good it is? xD

    Oh I'm also left handed and I actually play a left handed bass guitar Yvoon~ jelouse~? nishishishi~~~

        1. i’m a fast learner 😀

          besides, i did some guitar in primary school. except i had to do right-hand cause they had no left-hand…):

          so i’m pretty much ambidextrous 😀

        2. ahh~ But if that makes you ambidextrous then it means I’m also ambidextrous 😛

          I can play left handed, right handed and right handed upside down (oooooooh yeeeeeah~~~)

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