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Aprils Fools Gone Too Far


Yesterday on the 1st of April, i finally knew what it felt like to die.

Your heart still beat, but your whole body was numb. An emptiness slowly welled up inside until all that remained  was just an empty shell of skin, like a mummy with its organ dried and stored on jars and then the corpse was left to dry under the blazing sun.

and who else would be responsible for this terrifying experience except for my dear friend, Tofu, eh? Who else?

For those who are oblivious to Metanorn, Sekijitsu and DDD podcast, the Awesome and Indestructible trio in the World of Aniblogging, Tofu is a writer for Sekijitsu. He’s a K-ON freak who has an overbearing obsession with Hikasa Yoko and is the biggest and craziest fan boy of hers you will ever find.

On the night of March 31, with his abnormally exceptional writing skills, he decided to grace the world with a resignation notice in intricate detail explaining that he will be leaving the team of Sekijitsu for personal and school reasons and even taking that a step further claiming he will be leaving the world of anime and manga as well!!

Shock horror ran through the minds of every reader, some even bursting into tears as this sudden proclamation. As it was April 1st, many were wary of this letter but sadness still rocked their world. There was absolutely no reason to live anymore.

This is how we felt Tofu…

As the festivities of April Fools passed, so did the memories and posts of Tofu. He would be the forgotten hero who moved us with his dedication to K-ON and Hikasa Yoko…

Then on the fateful afternoon of April 2nd, everyone finally woke up realising they were still alive and the earth was still spinning. They decided to take one last glimpse of their legend before hanging themselves. Only what they were faced with was a ridiculous caricature with a smug smile and a beet red face laughing creepily at the dumbfounded and tear-strewn readers. APRILS FOOLS!!!

The readers went from blank to surprised to relieved to angry all at the blink of an eye. The next moment they were tearing their out, banging their heads on walls, tearing beloved posters of their doors and in the process punching holes in the walls. The next moment all that could be seen or heard was inaudible muttering and raging bloodshot eyes, the furious typing of keys and the occasional pause to scream at the anger that had built up again.


Tofu, with this, you have just pulled the most terrifying and outrageous stunt for April Fools EVER!!!

With this, i will hold a grudge until the next time when karma will strike and you will know the severity of the damage you have done.


Oh lord..what have i done…?

9 thoughts on “Aprils Fools Gone Too Far

  1. Aww come on Yvoon, cheer up! =)
    Tofu and the gang just thought it would be fun to pull off a little prank because that’s what April fools is all about. Now I’m not sure if Bass was the mastermind or if Tofu volunteered but they sure pulled it off nicely~ (if it was Mint, vivi, Elyon or renn I would have believed it as well xD). Lol seeing as your Tofu’s #1 fan, you should forgive him, I’m sure your idol didn’t mean to harm you in any way and didn’t think that anyone would take his letter too seriously. I hope you’ll find it in your heart to forgive him x3


    1. The idea was my idea and all done by me, the rest of the team went with the idea. But…

      I really really wanted to tell you and Yvoon when I read your first comments. I really did. It was hard not to tell you… T____T I’m so so so sorry for what I’ve done. I want to ask you both for your forgiveness. I promise I won’t do something like this ever again.

      I will do ANYTHING to keep our friendship! I will do anything that will allow you to forgive me. T_____T Oh god, I feel heartache..

    2. dont worry, Tofu. its not the end of our friendship!! ^^ haha!!

      i just had a momentary spaz attack >_<

      and as for the ANYTHING…well, let me get back to you 😛

    3. total humiliation? I TOTALY AGREE!!

      but i will always be Tofu’s No.1 fan to the ends of the world!

      and i have forgiven him!!^^ (sort of..)

      but it doesn’t mean that i don’t want to strangle him right now. =D

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