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Summer Anime 2011!!

Its out people!! Summer Anime of 2011!!

Credits to my friend Yowie for finding it!! ^^

Ahh, how times flies…

Well, DEFINITELY looking forward to Natsume Yuujinchou and the Naruto movie!! and and…ahh, so many to choose from!! i’m getting excited just from looking at the list!! XD

Sigh, i could never imagine my life without anime! 😀

If anyone wants a closer review on the series then check out Metanorn and Sekijitsu. They will probably be doing reviews and impressions on the new season shortly, so check our their websites and keep an eye out!!

well, enjoy guys! ^^


One thought on “Summer Anime 2011!!

  1. Woooowww hard to believe spring anime season is about to end here in a few weeks for most shows! I know a few will continue like Tiger and Bunny, Nichijou and Ao no Exorcist! Probably a few more as well.

    Summer I have no idea what I want to watch! There has been a lack in Mecha which makes me so sad, ah well I will have to see what looks good.

    Probably will be stuck doing Gintama and Nichijou for a while through Summer hopefully I can grab a show for tag reviewing xD

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