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Sydney Anime Convention: SMASH! 2011

Photo not by taken by me

On saturday July 16th, the much anticipated anime convention SMASH, finally arrived. Waking up at 7 and trying to find the fastest was to the city through all the track work, rain and cold was just the beginning. Upon arriving, fans snaked across the entrance of the centre and not knowing which line was pre-sales or even which direction the line was even going left my group of muggle-dressed cosplayers standing at the end of what seemed to be a line. Until we found out that EVERYONE was in the pre-sales section… one point i really thought it might have been faster if we just got them on the day. But, being the cheap Asians we are, we decided to go with pre-sales and pay $5 less.

For 20 mins, the line never seemed to until i took a peek inside and realised that THERE WAS EVEN MORE LINING UP INSIDE WHICH WENT FOR WHO KNOWS HOW LONG!! An hour after the doors had been opened, i was on the verge of breaking from excitement, boredom and aching of the back and legs.

Inside was enormous with cosplays getting off to a great start. The merchandise was so-so with various stores set up with postcards, bookmarks, artworks, keyrings, etc.

(sorry for the poor quality, was experimenting with my new phone camera. Kinda dumb of me to not bring a camera as back-up…)


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Some best shots and the best cosplays of the day (for me anyway):

Well, that’s it from me! Hope u guys enjoyed them. i had an AWESOME day!~


4 thoughts on “Sydney Anime Convention: SMASH! 2011

    1. There was soo much K-on merchandise as well…

      *sigh* such a shame. ;p

      Though dont worry, this convention won’t be going anywhere~

      There will always be a chance to visit! 🙂

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