Two Minutes Worth $180, 000??

Recently my sister entered a photography competition where she could be able get a scholarship worth $180,000 to use to improve her photography skills. Acing the first round with a brilliant video of one her greatest projects, she was interviewed along with 8 other contestants. The results  will probably be released soon and my family, friends and i all wish her the best of luck!~

For those living in Sydney and looking for a photographer, please feel free to browse her website here.

For her blog, click here.



2 thoughts on “Two Minutes Worth $180, 000??

  1. That is so amazing, to have a career as a photographer is so awesome. This must be exciting times for you and your family.

    Hope she gets it, all the best ^^

    1. Yeh, we really hope she gets it!

      Last year, she entered an amateur photography competition where you could go to Antarctica to improve your skills to become a professional. That was really a boost for her and it helped her to start her own business. Now she works as freelance photographer. 😀

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