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Fall 2011 Anime Chart

Credits to my awesome friend Yowie and to neregate as well~

Well, here it is guys. though i don’t think this will be the final edition. Daifuuku has already done a Fall post!~ so chek’em out. 🙂

Keep an out for Metanorn and Sekijitsu as well! ( yes, i love them!) They shall be working their magic very soon~


2 thoughts on “Fall 2011 Anime Chart

  1. SQUID GIRL SEASON TWO!! YAYYAYAYAYYA I can’t wait, ahem anyway looking forward to soooo many shows! But really wanting to blog/follow Guilty Crown and that squid thing….

    Wanting to watch Gundam Age,Working!!,Shana S3, and a few others ❤

  2. what? what? squid girl?? i dont see that.

    Really looking forward to guilty Crown as well!! the art looks good and the plots seems quite engaging as well. Besides, i’ve quite liked all the series Production I.G has done. 😀

    Looking forward to all the movies!! HAKUOUKI!! KYAA!! ❤ BRING IT ON!!
    Definitely watching IS and a few others.

    Man, gonna have to try and cut down. Yr !2 next year!! ToT….I'M GONNA DIIIIE!!!

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