Oh, Thy Beautiful Flower…


LOLOL!!! This was during Bio where we were looking at the different parts of plants. Being the overreactive me, i mourned for the flower who died for the sake of human research and curiosity. (RIP, dear flower…) As a last memory of its short time in this world, my best friend Shrubby decided to strike a pose before it headed for the bin.

Call me weird, but i just love these shots. I just find them hilarious! haha!! (yeh, me and my weird sense of humour…)

Well, yearlies…wait…WHAT?! NEXT WEEK?!?! Oh man, hope I do well! ><


2 thoughts on “Oh, Thy Beautiful Flower…

  1. you are too cute ♥♥♥ haha, and the girl in the background of your first photo looks bewildered LOL. Poor flower!! This is why people should become carnivores, to save the plants ;D

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