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Animanina 2011,17th-18th September: The ULTIMATE Ao no Exorcist Cosplay!!! MUST SEE!!

Probably will be fangirling over this for quite a while ~ XD

Before i say anything, i will say this:




Ahem….well, now that’s out of the way, lets start.

These guys REALLY made my day…scratch that; these guys made BOTH my days!!! XD

Out of all the Ao no Exorcist cosplays I’ve ever seen (even if I’ve only seen around 4) these guys are simply the best! Rin, your fluffy flames are just AWESOME!!~ >.< The basic replica of the actual characters are just great and it’s even better when the whole cast is there!! kyaaaaaa!~ XD

Like my sister said, “Wow, it’s like your favourite character just came to life” SO TRUE!!! XD ❤

Hater may hate, and others may have their opinions but these guys were just the sweetest icing on of top the sweetest ever slice of Animania-cake I’ve ever had~

To the Awesome 7 above:

Feel free to leave a comment or even contact me. My email is in my about section. 🙂

Hope to see you guys again at future Animania and Smash conventions and keep on being AWESOME!!

Anyone who may know of these character, feel free link my page to them~


A full recount of  Animania and a LOT of other awesome cosplays will be up shortly so keep in touch!~


4 thoughts on “Animanina 2011,17th-18th September: The ULTIMATE Ao no Exorcist Cosplay!!! MUST SEE!!

  1. Did you see the Rin cosplay I showcased on my Manifest post at Sekijitsu? I actually thought that one was a better cosplay in my opinion 😛 Anime conventions are always fun to go to ^^

    1. Yeh i saw it. Mmmm….still think this one is better! 😛

      Probably cause its a complete group and i was able to get up and closer to them than the one at Manifest. Though the one at Manifest was still good! 🙂

      Ao No Exorcist!!! XD

      Btw, SO gonna cosplay next time i go. It sometimes feels kinda wierd wearing normal clothes when you have all this amazing cosplay around you. ^^

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