First Kendo Medal/Trophy EVEER!! XD

OMGOMGOMG!!! Where do I start???? XDDDD

Yeh, i am SO ecstatic bout this! It’s been a week since the comp and i STILL smile to myself sometimes when i think about it!~ Teehee…SO HAPPY!! Well, I was originally only meant to compete in the women’s individuals (which i lost on the first round…) but then this guy in the kyu team didn’t turn up, so I was to take his place. Thanks to that, I was given another chance to compete and BOY did I go all out! My club seniors even said that they have never seen me like that. A lot of them applauded my on my performance as well so I’m really happy about that!~ Haha! At some point I even surprised myself at how ferocious I was and damn it felt good to go crazy. XD

I was SO surprised when they called my name out for the Fighting Spirit First Place Award! (literally went WHAAT?! in my head. lol)

Let this year and the next fly past so I may be free and compete again!~ XD


3 thoughts on “First Kendo Medal/Trophy EVEER!! XD

  1. Nice work Yvoon ^^ Heaps of congratulations to you and best of luck winning even more medals the next time around! ;D Show them your ENTHUSIAM!!

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