WOOT! First set of high school exams are OVER!

If that was me, I would be crying tears of joy

And then there was 4….

Well, at least one set’s better than none!

To those who read my blog, I apologise for not uploading any posts for this past month. I’ve been too busy cramming for maths that I even forgot to eat at times. Yeh…didn’t know I could be that desperate either, but i guess the thought that the all the tests that I do from now on count towards my final mark finally dawned on me and I panicked. Haha!

Well, it’s over (for now), and Christmas will soon be upon us! Unfortunately no celebrating for me yet as there is still two weeks of school left which i find is kinda pointless since the teachers KNOW students will be going overseas or most of us just won’t be bothered to turn up. Sigh…

All I can hope for now is to pass this year quickly and successfully and then GET MY ANIME BACK!! Oh God! It’s been already two months or so and I’m STILL getting withdrawal symptoms…..ToT

My beloved anime!!! And I miss Metanorn! And Sekijitsu! And I miss downloading the episodes every afternoon after school! ARGH!! OTL….*bangs head on wall*


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