The Last 200 Metres

Hey all,

Apologies for the complete break-off from my blog.

SO CLOSE. I can just feel, taste and see the freedom! Just two more weeks!

Yr12 is finally coming to an end soon and most importantly, I GET ME ANIME BACK!!! As insignificant and facepalm-inducing it may be to non-otakus out there, it’s what has kept me going the past year. Having to give up my weekly routine of episodical downloads, commenting on Metanorn and Sekijitsu and all that good stuff was painful and at first it was hard, really hard! Since no-one of my school friends like anime, it made it all the more harder. Nonetheless, there was nothing I could do but turn to my studies, occasionally daydreaming about the good days where someone would actually understand how I felt when I thought that every male in every anime was the hottest guy I had ever seen or when I would fangirl over my OTPs and actually listen to me instead of walking away from me. *sigh*

In two weeks time on the 6th of November at 3:55 i will officially be back online, and BOY, a hardcore 5 month break it will be. No more psychological barriers to Metanorn and Sekijitsu or anything for that matter.

Spot on

Also going on the list of to-do’s:


2. Doctor Who – starting from Eccleston

3. Date with friends to movies

4. Project Cosplay: Initiate!

5. Work 😛

TWO WEEKS LEFT GIRL!! DESTROY THE EXAMS!! All that’s left is Japanese and Japanese Extension. Mustn’t fail that, I’m counting on it to pull my final mark up!

That’s right, exams. You’re going down, bitch.

Until then, please bear with my absence for just a little while longer!


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