The Taste Of True Freedom

What is this feeling? This utter joy and giddiness within me? The sound of my own oscillating laughter is music to my ears as I laugh to myself at the stupidity of my own laugh. I lose complete control of my facial muscles as my lips curve into a hurtful smile. My heart clenches and starts to race. That, is the realisation that I have finally got my anime back.

I must admit it was quite a shock realising that there was no more study to be done, no more future exams to study for, no more depressing thought about failing a test and becoming a failure in life. Even now, I still dont think it has quite sunk in, since my body subconsciously reaches for the ‘shut down’ button when it hits 10:30. Its only been around 24 hours and on numerous occasions, i have found myself stopping having to forcefully make myself realise that there are no longer any academic obligations.

And for the first time is more than a year, i got to see my beloved hard drive again. Oh, I almost cried from joy as I recalled the precious memories I had made with each series! Let’s not forget METANORN and Sekijitsu, my bibles and home to my daily dosage of commenting, fangirling, bitching. AND THOSE HEADERS! Yep, those headers were the first thing I always looked forward. Oh, I almost swooned at the familiarity of it all! My Love! It has finally been fulfilled!

Speaking of watching anime, I knew it was gonna be a breathtaking experience but the abstinence had taken a larger toll than I thought. THE ANIMATION! HOW LONG HAS IT BEEN SINCE I LAST SAW SUCH BEAUTY! THE MOVEMENTS! THE VOICES! THE COLOUR! THE ART! Oh man….breath girl, BREATH!!! How long will it take before I can watch a whole episode calmly without squealing gibberish and literally stopping it every second? HOW LONG! THERE IS A CRAZY AMOUNT I HAVE TO CATCH UP ON AND A CRAZY AMOUNT TO FANGIRL ABOUT! But wait….I will be updating to a better computer soon. OH HOW WILL COPE WITH ALL THAT HIGH QUALITY ANIME?? The sound, transition, graphic will be INFINITELY BETTER!!!


Phew…..let’s take this one step at a time. Start small okay, Yvoon? you’ve got plenty of time……..OMG!!!!! I’M SO HAPPY!!! MY ANIME MY ANIME MY ANIMEEEEEE!!!!! I’M SO HAPPYYYYYY!!!!!!!

*Ahem* and that’s that.

I shall try to update more often since I do have more control of my free time and schedule now. ^^

Thanks to all those who read my blog and look forward to many great things in the future!

As a reminder of my high school days, I present an old friend who has seen the generations come and go just as its flowers have bloomed and wilted with time.


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