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New Laptop = HD ANIME!!!

My most prized collection

Its been almost a month since my exams ended and I’ve already been on two holidays, departing on a third in 2 days! It’s been fun but quite tiring as well since I get motion sickness VERY easily which sucks. Ah well, maybe the more I travel, the more my body will be used to it.

And so, with a new computer congratulating the end of the high school phase, I have gone ALL OUT downloading. Originally, I had around 60 series on my hard drive. Now, it comes to a total of around 95 series, give or take a few folders which are sequels or anime movies. In other words, I have downloaded around 30 series of anime in a span of a week…..I’ve seriously gone nuts. I never thought an upgrade in technology could create such a drastic change in download rates. Half the time I’m so busy trying to work out what series to download since the torrents just speed through the download! A more modern laptop also means no more 480p anime!!!! Wooooot! Only an true otaku would understand how heart-wrenching it is to watch 480p anime. It’s…p-painful! D:

However, there will be no more of that now; oh no! It’ll be beautiful clear graphics, brilliants sounds and a smooth transitions all the way~ It can even play 1080p stuff brilliantly! Oh, I can justt die happy now!

Very soon, I’ll try start writing reviews of all the anime series I blow over in the next few months before uni starts in March. However, I’ll be on holiday soon so I can’t promise any posts any time soon.

Well then, until the next time guys~


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