Cosplay: My beginning
Disclaimer: Not my Photo. Taken from DA artist AmaRobot

Cosplay: short for “costume play”.

It was at my first convention that I had ever witnessed cosplay. My initial thought was “AVOID AVOID AVOID”. I mean, seriously! What was wrong with these people? Do they think it’s cool to dress us as an anime character? Dude, that character does NOT look like that. Gosh, is that….a girl as…a guy?? O_O Well, weird as it was, I couldn’t deny the fact that the girls were pretty hot guys and the actual guys were pretty hot as well. The more conventions I went to, the deeper I delved into cosplay. The deeper I explored, the more I learnt about this amazing art. For me, I now see it as not just dressing up. It is a way to capture your favourite character, be someone different for a day and above all, to be able to have fun with the characters you love most. The process of just trying to get everything in order let alone making the costumes, doing the make-up and the wig is frustrating enough for me right now. With my first cosplay with my friend coming up, I’m about to learn a WHOLE set of skills. How do I work a sewing machine? What fabrics are best for these costumes? How do I do the make-up? What make-up tools do I need? Which ones do I use? How much is a wig? How do I style a wig?


My first project is already in motion and I shall be cross-dressing! So far, I’ve done the first step which is RESEARCH. Next I have to buy all the materials and find a fabric store which actually sells the kind of fabric and accessory bits I want. I’ll have to start practice my sewing skills as well. However, even BEFORE that…I think I need to get a job first. 3 holidays spanning over 1 month for an unemployed high school graduate is always financially heartbreaking. T-T Well don’t know how this will all turn out, but I think I’ll enjoy being a hot butler for a tsundere for the day 😉 Yep, I’ll be cosplaying Miketsukami Soushi and my more petite friend will be Ririchiyo! I hope it’ll turn out as I plan but then again, we all know that something will, most probably, go wrong along the way. Let’s hope we don’t end up with a zombie Ririchiyo!

I’ll keep you guys updated but I don’t think I’ll be working on it anytime soon.

If anyone’s got any tips in relation to buying wigs or styling, make-up, or any secret tips to creating a better cosplay please share in the comments below!

Happy Cosplaying!

Sneak peek for my next cosplay review:

Yes, he’s a real person






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