Cosplayer Hotspot: Kaname☆

Bookman Jr. just got that much hotter~

Now before I bombard all of you guys with the epic hotness and perfection of every character Kaname has played, I would just like to say that none of these photos belong to me! All credits go to those who took these lovely shots!

So I was browsing through the CosplayGen posts as usual when they mentioned two cosplayers that would be guest stars at the AFA2012 convention. I thought “well, I DO like cosplaying” so why not check it out and learn something from the experts? Hence, that is how my burst of interest in cosplay developed until all I could think about whilst walking into a store was “what could be useful to my cosplay here? Hmm…”


This article was most interesting as it gave me insight into the amount of effort people put into making a great cosplay. It was inspirational as it gave hope to a newbie like me that great cosplay does not take a decade to master. With the advantageous prospect of cosplay delving into aspects of better health and an insight into an assortment of handy new skills along with broader connections within the cosplay community, it has enticed me all the more to join! Thanks to this and a little extra research on the side, I realised that the cosplay community was much more larger than I could have ever imagined. There were people who had been cosplaying for over a decade and to think that all of those costumes were handmade! Wow!!!

Anyway, enough about cosplay. This post is meant to be about Kaname☆! Hence, I give you a teaser of just some of the awesome cosplays he has done throughout his career.

 tumblr_lgijybgi9a1qcdwqgo1_400 kaname 8224379276_41144eeba7_z tumblr_mb3n3h11e91qzg3ph tumblr_mae6a9fNpx1rgx5eso1_500 2 168994_177313985634464_177303678968828_450264_7036087_n_large tumblr_lt1pwx8xcT1r1g5m3o1_500 ichigo_8_by_kaname_lovers Kaname_DGrayMan

Note: Due to copyright, I am unable to put too many up. If you wish to further drown yourself Kaname☆ goodness, then check out his Facebook page here. Lots to drool about there~ ^^

Well then, see you guys next time!

Happy Cosplaying!


Want more to ogle at?? Then check out U WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!!!! CLICK IT! NOOOOW!!


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