New Year

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!! Welcome 2013~


I realize that the festive season has already passed and everyone has gone about their daily lives again, but I would still like to write this post to celebrate this special time of the year. After, all, it’s not everyday we get to kick back, party and chug down food like there’s no tomorrow.

For me, 2012 has certainly been a turning point in my young life commemorating the end of my high school days. (Thank G0d!) As much as people say ‘high school will be the best days you ever had’, I’ll never believe that until I’ve entered uni. For me, I’m extremely looking forward to it as it steers away from textbook rote learning and doesn’t encourage you to learn things just form the sake of marks. It’ll be a chance for me to pursue my passions, meet new people, be different and not be questioned for it. Not to mention the freedom!! XD Personally, I think ‘university will be days the best you ever had’. 🙂

With the high school chapter officially coming to a close, my array of passion from cosplay to kendo may finally be wholeheartedly pursued without the troubles of parents nagging you to do my maths or skipping training to fit a few more practice test into your schedule. I’ll actually be able to live my life which is exciting considering all the paths I’ll be able to choose from. After all, life isn’t a textbook.

Throughout the last 2 months of sweet freedom, fangirling has been at an all time high, with my phone bill, internet usage being taken to the next level. Exercise is becoming a distant dream while food become your new best friend. I have blown over approximately 10 anime series and movies, become a fan of 10 cosplayers on and spent almost $2000. It’s heaven and hell at the same time.

As much as I would’ve like to hole myself up in my room forever and drool over hot 2D boys, the real world and a thinning wallet calls for some heartbreaking sacrifices. Jobless and told that the hiring season isn’t until another month, it has become a standstill with me becoming a temporary NEET. The recent release of our high school marks testing our abilities to regurgitate textbooks drags me back to reality forcing me to consider what my career will be at the age of 18. Reality hurts. And they wonder why I love anime and cosplay so much…

Nevertheless, Happy New Year to everyone!! As my friend said:

May this year bring many opportunities your way, may all your efforts turn into great achievements and may all your troubles last as long as your New Year’s resolutions!~



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