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Spring 2013 Anime Chart


Long time no post! Just been settling into uni and coming to terms as to how to deal with all those essays and assignments. Our house is also being renovated at the moment so everything’s been a bit crazy. I guess not having any inspiration would be another reason. haha!

Well, this is the chart for Spring 2013! Gosh, I feel so weird saying that every season, since everything is reverse here in Australia. Despite the gradual change into autumn, the sun just continues to beam down and burn me just as intensely anyway so…yeh, wont be feeling the cold anytime soon.

Anyway! Enough about that, onto the chart…

Credits to for their awesome lists every season

Now the one show that I was really looking forward to, KUROKO NO BASUKE S2, is not on here!!! Well, I’m guessing it’s still in its ‘incomplete’ stage. Nonetheless it’s still  pretty thorough list.

Spring’s usually the most exciting season for me because, for some reason, all the good series just seem to get released in spring! Or…maybe that just my opinion.

I haven’t actually looked at the list thoroughly yet since there are just so many! But going on art, plot and past experience:

–> Detective Conan Movie (always a winner)

–> Hanasaku Iroha Movie

–> Aku no Hana

–> Devil Survivor 2

–> Arata Kangatari

–> Aiura

–> Suisei no Gargantia

–> Uta Puri 2000%

–> Red Data Girl

As for the OVAs, that’ll have to be another day.

Hope you guys have a lot of shows you’re looking forward to as well!

Well then, good nighties~

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