CosTalk: YUI (Hong Kong)

Yui as Orihaya Izaya (Durarara)

Recently, I had the pleasure of having a mini-interview with Yui and MY GOD, it was THE BEST feeling ever!! I mean, to get a reply from someone you have been idolising for so long is just amazing!!

Enough of that! Let’s get to the interview. 🙂

1. What are some of your favourite cosplayers?
There’s too many! From Japan I like Reika, Kaname, SoratoSuguru, JUN, Singi.

2. Are there any specific characters you like to cosplay?
Izaya! It’s a character I’ve done the most cosplays  on. His story and personality is very different , so there are a long of things I want to shoot. I also like  Studio Ghibli productions.

3. What is the scariest/weirdest thing a fan has done to you?
I’m quite scared of physical contact; I would feel very uneasy. Another would be message / SMS harassment.

4. Are there any countries you would like to visit and meet fans in? (Australia? )
There are too many places I want to go! If I get the chance, I would like to meet and talk with cosplayers in each of the countries I visit. >///< (However, my english is not good >< So for now, I think I would go to the Asian countries.)

5. What are you scared of?

It was such a pleasure to talk to Yui. She is such a nice girl! Just don’t glomp her when you see her guys. 😉

To anyone who wants to stalk her:


很謝謝你Yui!! (^^)



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